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Saturday, August 8, 2009
i just love drawing stuffs

*sigh my paypal problem haven't been solved yet. well hope that won't be the case in another few days *sigh again. it's been pretty tiring these past few days. standing in the komuter for 40 mins every time i go to n fro to kl is a daunting task even for a 23 years old girl like me (hehe i sounding like an old lady :P). whatever are my complains this has to last for atleast another 6 weeks >< i'm so not looking forward to this.

on friday i had a fantastic lunch with k mas. thanks k mas for belanje me. we had a really interesting chat i must say. i seriously can't believe i'll be eating with a lady that is old enough to be my mum n still enjoy every minute of it :). the lunch was BIG! grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled chicken with boiled veggies, mashed potatoes n nachos topped with cheese n some meaty sauce n afterwards volcano chocolate brownie!!! heads up to american's cooking. as expected from chillies.you managed to make me miss my dinner n still able to make me throw up at 4 am due to incomplete digestion haha. ouch trust me it was painful.

i was too lazy to do anything else. i have neglected studying my japanese, folding the laundry, ironing clothes, doing some house chores. seriously i'm just going out for training and i've already acted as if i've been climbing towers all day. atleast i pick up on one thing. doddling that is. here's a sketch of my latest doddling. i've put up all of my drawings in the drawings page for your viewing pleasure. please make constructive comments after all i'm an amateur. some of the drawings are redrawings of others' works n some are my originals :)

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 3:48 PM
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