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Sunday, August 30, 2009
supercell~ the music i like

when ppl ask me "what kind of music do you like?" i'll always replied"anything good to hear". so fake. this usual excuse cannot be implemented anymore. i am clearly into dance n electronica haha. i absolutely detest rock (why would ppl listen to it anyway>don't ppl get ear cancer from hearing rock?). i like cascada, madonna, dj tiesto n the like (just realized i'm very european at heart for music).

come on, in america they're only good at what? hiphop? if i were to spend my days in europe instead i'll be in total musical bliss :P. dance n electronica ppl tend to be creative in their music.

on the other hand, rock. 2 words. IT SUCKS! big time. i always feel like an angry gnome (i always believe gnomes are evil beings) pounding inside my head with a sledge hammer repeatedly. THUM!THUM! why do ppl want to stress themselves out listening to rock i always wonder.

Enough said about my artistic tendecies. what i wanna show you is SUPERCELL! yes it's japanese. again! well they are up n coming so i'm expecting more from them in the future. Who are they? they are actually a bunch of otakus who used to make music n pv using hatsune miku (yes vocaloid again). n now they are making their own music. CONGRATS! well i think they are very talented specially my dear ryo. ryo love :P

surprisingly nobody on the net seen their faces. maybe they're not comfortable with their appearance as otakus always had. ah well as long as they are making music that i like i'm fine with it. so here's a song from their latest album 君の知らない物語. I'm not gonna let you see the official PV for it. it's too weird. enjoy :P

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Saturday, August 29, 2009
iftar with survivors

the day is 7 days away when me n my jolly survivors friends are gonna get together for iftar :P yeay! (mind you survivors (that's what we called ourselves) are sspkl 9802 batch for my american friends who might be reading this). Haven't seen some of the girls since SPM.

are they fatter? more cute? slimmer perphaps? haha who knows. so far no glitch in organizing. it spurned from an innocent suggestion from ira (well the girl herself is not sure coming or not...maklumlah grad student in UTM, Skudai). was surprised at the response that i got. initially i was hoping to get 10 ppl if i'm lucky enough. good job! macam ini lah. but now a lot of ppl is indeed coming surprisingly i feel pressured. is the food gonna be good? do i need to plan something else? ah the questions.

went there to pay the deposit for the reservation on thursday (50 from my sis + 150 from my dad) i wonder why i can't just borrow it all from my dad. went to and fro from Lembah Pantai and Titiwangsa using PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in 2 hours! man i am good :P i am fast hehe

food glorious food! btw do u know where this phrase come from?? it's originally from oliver twist's musical show in london (oliver was played by same boy who played draco malfoy in harry potter movies..what is his name?). i was small at that time when i saw the posters for it in london.

i hope i'm losing weight this ramadhan :P too scared to go to the scales yet

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Friday, August 21, 2009
my adrenaline rushed day and being stupid

i did something stupid today. i was bored. i always did sth stupid when i'm bored. like acting ghost and set a quarter of my class screaming one night before prep :) tat was AWESOME though. ah well this time my boredom got the better of me.

it started at KL Sentral when i was approached by some kids after i'm back from some interview. OK lah they were 19 n 18. apparently i had won some special prize from their company. in order to claim it i had to go to their office in Jln Kuchai Lama and take some pictures with the prize. where the hell is Jln Kuchai Lama? well i know this might be a SCAM! but i'm curious all the same so i went with them in a taxi to their office (yeay stupid of me. i should have just walked away at this moment).

okla i went to the office (but tak macam office pun. very fishy lah). then i meet the manager then he explain bla..bla..bla... apparently i have to prepare RM5700 (keluarkan dari bank ye) and record the serial numbers on the note before i can get my price. nampak sangat macam sindiket cetak duit haram (hey. you think i'm so stupid ke. i may look young n naive but i'm not stupid for heaven's sake). but i'm already in DEEP SHIT! how to get away?

they are so persistent! i said i just got back from america n have no money in my bank. "but you got credit card what! you can keluarkan cash">>>WRONG! there's a limit to how many cash you can take out. i know my own credit card thank you.

bla..bla...bla.. we are actually arguing n making excuses. this is tiring. some time in btw the lines i ended up in digital mall, usj 19. looks like they have some friends that could help me with my credit card problems. gosh this is TOO MUCH! 3 ppl is actually guarding me>> they want to sound nice but i know it's all acting. obviously they're trying to cheat my out of my money duh!

but how to escape? after some arguements i managed to walk away. i actually rushed to a malay gentlemen and ask him to teman me to the security kiosk. there i told them i'm actually seeking refuge from scammers who are still in the mall n possibbly trying to find me. i called a taxi n went home.

gosh that was one scary experience. malaysia is more dangerous than USA. i almost got mugged here! so ppl take it from me. don't get fooled by this stuffs. ia tipu belaka. so watch out for those kids in kl sentral (they are waiting in front of the kl monorail station). i am actually debating whether to lodge a police report.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009
my day is saved by toblerone chocolate

gosh.what a day! firstly my parents were away to Kemaman for a brief 2 day work trip and no one seems to be avalaible to pick me up at the station. i walked like 1 km from Padang Jawa station to the mainroad to catch a taxi. why do taxi always not come when you actually need them? finding it hard to find one i called my brother to pick me up finally! it's tiring. i look like a hitch hiker.

"penat la megat dollah. so nk makan ape ni?""Nando's?" i said OK. "kamu ade brape ringgit?""saye ade RM45""kakti ade Rm15. cukuplah tu." so we went in to have our dinner.

when we are about to pay,"alamak saye hilang RM10 lah" ok~ what a very helpful brother i have. hmm let me try my bankcard. there's some money in there. so i went to the nearest maybank kiosk. ACCOUNT IS INACTIVE! shit! of all the time. ni mesti sbb dah lame tak gune.

we sat in the restaurant for a good 5 mins staring at each other. then i told my brother to look for money in the car while i'll try to find for lost treasure in my beg. YES! we have enough! thank god we are only short RM 3.30>> i digged out a good number of coins out of my beg :P

we were happily making our way to our car when we struck upon the realisation that we haven't paid our parking ticket yet :( we absolutely have no money to pay the parking ticket now. my parents are away. my other brother was in PJ. HELP! HELP! this sucks. we searched the car high n low for money but none magically appeared. we stared at each other again. god i hate when my brother looked at me hoping i will get us out of this mess. it's his fault in the first place.

"pergilah jual kredit kat sesape ke for RM 2" "but my credit tak cukup n saye tak tahu how to transfer" gosh i'm hating this by the minute. then i remembered sth! i still have that unopened toblerone that i won playing musical chair in class (hahaha i was brutal thanks to my big bum :P)

"Ok ni ade chocs it's worth more than RM 2. can you pegi jual kat pakcik guard ke sesape?" OK~ ade ke orang nk beli ni? hmm let's just pray n see. a while later my brother came back with a paid parking ticket. YES!MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

what a day! my day was saved by toblerone chocolate. your jasa will always dikenang :). too bad i can't eat it now.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009
i just love drawing stuffs

*sigh my paypal problem haven't been solved yet. well hope that won't be the case in another few days *sigh again. it's been pretty tiring these past few days. standing in the komuter for 40 mins every time i go to n fro to kl is a daunting task even for a 23 years old girl like me (hehe i sounding like an old lady :P). whatever are my complains this has to last for atleast another 6 weeks >< i'm so not looking forward to this.

on friday i had a fantastic lunch with k mas. thanks k mas for belanje me. we had a really interesting chat i must say. i seriously can't believe i'll be eating with a lady that is old enough to be my mum n still enjoy every minute of it :). the lunch was BIG! grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled chicken with boiled veggies, mashed potatoes n nachos topped with cheese n some meaty sauce n afterwards volcano chocolate brownie!!! heads up to american's cooking. as expected from chillies.you managed to make me miss my dinner n still able to make me throw up at 4 am due to incomplete digestion haha. ouch trust me it was painful.

i was too lazy to do anything else. i have neglected studying my japanese, folding the laundry, ironing clothes, doing some house chores. seriously i'm just going out for training and i've already acted as if i've been climbing towers all day. atleast i pick up on one thing. doddling that is. here's a sketch of my latest doddling. i've put up all of my drawings in the drawings page for your viewing pleasure. please make constructive comments after all i'm an amateur. some of the drawings are redrawings of others' works n some are my originals :)

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Monday, August 3, 2009
oh no!!!i got fraud again

yes the title said it all i am a victim of an identity theft.patut tutup account paypal tu.padan muke now look what happened!ishkx3 cari keje la puteri syafawati ni.nasib baik die tak tolak lagi duit kat account bank. after this tutup account paypal n bank.aman idup :(

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Saturday, August 1, 2009
abundance mentality and luck

these past days have been interesting for once i am learning new things that are actually applicable in life (haha mcm bende yg blaja selame ni tak applicable pulak).well for once in my life i've learned about 'abundance mentality' and 'luck' how these two things play in life.

abundance mentality
1. it's enough for all
2. i'm happy if only all ppl win (as in win-win situationlah)
3. i don't want to be happy at the expense of
others happiness
4. abundance is my birthright as a child of the universe
5. will work for others abundance
6. i'm the lucky child of the universe. all that happens are for the good

so be generous!rezeki is all around us n dun be tamak :P if you are generous insyallah
rezeki dimurahkan allah.

luck: 4 sure tip for better luck
1. listen to your gut instincts-they are normally right
2. be open to new experiences n your normal routine-divergent thinking
3. spend a few moments each day remembering things that went well
4. visual yourself being lucky before an important
meeting, interview or telephone call

this is actually a scientific research done by prof richard wiseman
from hertfordshire university in uk (hope i get the university right)

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