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Thursday, August 13, 2009
my day is saved by toblerone chocolate

gosh.what a day! firstly my parents were away to Kemaman for a brief 2 day work trip and no one seems to be avalaible to pick me up at the station. i walked like 1 km from Padang Jawa station to the mainroad to catch a taxi. why do taxi always not come when you actually need them? finding it hard to find one i called my brother to pick me up finally! it's tiring. i look like a hitch hiker.

"penat la megat dollah. so nk makan ape ni?""Nando's?" i said OK. "kamu ade brape ringgit?""saye ade RM45""kakti ade Rm15. cukuplah tu." so we went in to have our dinner.

when we are about to pay,"alamak saye hilang RM10 lah" ok~ what a very helpful brother i have. hmm let me try my bankcard. there's some money in there. so i went to the nearest maybank kiosk. ACCOUNT IS INACTIVE! shit! of all the time. ni mesti sbb dah lame tak gune.

we sat in the restaurant for a good 5 mins staring at each other. then i told my brother to look for money in the car while i'll try to find for lost treasure in my beg. YES! we have enough! thank god we are only short RM 3.30>> i digged out a good number of coins out of my beg :P

we were happily making our way to our car when we struck upon the realisation that we haven't paid our parking ticket yet :( we absolutely have no money to pay the parking ticket now. my parents are away. my other brother was in PJ. HELP! HELP! this sucks. we searched the car high n low for money but none magically appeared. we stared at each other again. god i hate when my brother looked at me hoping i will get us out of this mess. it's his fault in the first place.

"pergilah jual kredit kat sesape ke for RM 2" "but my credit tak cukup n saye tak tahu how to transfer" gosh i'm hating this by the minute. then i remembered sth! i still have that unopened toblerone that i won playing musical chair in class (hahaha i was brutal thanks to my big bum :P)

"Ok ni ade chocs it's worth more than RM 2. can you pegi jual kat pakcik guard ke sesape?" OK~ ade ke orang nk beli ni? hmm let's just pray n see. a while later my brother came back with a paid parking ticket. YES!MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

what a day! my day was saved by toblerone chocolate. your jasa will always dikenang :). too bad i can't eat it now.

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 10:08 PM
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