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Friday, August 21, 2009
my adrenaline rushed day and being stupid

i did something stupid today. i was bored. i always did sth stupid when i'm bored. like acting ghost and set a quarter of my class screaming one night before prep :) tat was AWESOME though. ah well this time my boredom got the better of me.

it started at KL Sentral when i was approached by some kids after i'm back from some interview. OK lah they were 19 n 18. apparently i had won some special prize from their company. in order to claim it i had to go to their office in Jln Kuchai Lama and take some pictures with the prize. where the hell is Jln Kuchai Lama? well i know this might be a SCAM! but i'm curious all the same so i went with them in a taxi to their office (yeay stupid of me. i should have just walked away at this moment).

okla i went to the office (but tak macam office pun. very fishy lah). then i meet the manager then he explain bla..bla..bla... apparently i have to prepare RM5700 (keluarkan dari bank ye) and record the serial numbers on the note before i can get my price. nampak sangat macam sindiket cetak duit haram (hey. you think i'm so stupid ke. i may look young n naive but i'm not stupid for heaven's sake). but i'm already in DEEP SHIT! how to get away?

they are so persistent! i said i just got back from america n have no money in my bank. "but you got credit card what! you can keluarkan cash">>>WRONG! there's a limit to how many cash you can take out. i know my own credit card thank you.

bla..bla...bla.. we are actually arguing n making excuses. this is tiring. some time in btw the lines i ended up in digital mall, usj 19. looks like they have some friends that could help me with my credit card problems. gosh this is TOO MUCH! 3 ppl is actually guarding me>> they want to sound nice but i know it's all acting. obviously they're trying to cheat my out of my money duh!

but how to escape? after some arguements i managed to walk away. i actually rushed to a malay gentlemen and ask him to teman me to the security kiosk. there i told them i'm actually seeking refuge from scammers who are still in the mall n possibbly trying to find me. i called a taxi n went home.

gosh that was one scary experience. malaysia is more dangerous than USA. i almost got mugged here! so ppl take it from me. don't get fooled by this stuffs. ia tipu belaka. so watch out for those kids in kl sentral (they are waiting in front of the kl monorail station). i am actually debating whether to lodge a police report.

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 1:15 AM
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