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Saturday, August 29, 2009
iftar with survivors

the day is 7 days away when me n my jolly survivors friends are gonna get together for iftar :P yeay! (mind you survivors (that's what we called ourselves) are sspkl 9802 batch for my american friends who might be reading this). Haven't seen some of the girls since SPM.

are they fatter? more cute? slimmer perphaps? haha who knows. so far no glitch in organizing. it spurned from an innocent suggestion from ira (well the girl herself is not sure coming or not...maklumlah grad student in UTM, Skudai). was surprised at the response that i got. initially i was hoping to get 10 ppl if i'm lucky enough. good job! macam ini lah. but now a lot of ppl is indeed coming surprisingly i feel pressured. is the food gonna be good? do i need to plan something else? ah the questions.

went there to pay the deposit for the reservation on thursday (50 from my sis + 150 from my dad) i wonder why i can't just borrow it all from my dad. went to and fro from Lembah Pantai and Titiwangsa using PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in 2 hours! man i am good :P i am fast hehe

food glorious food! btw do u know where this phrase come from?? it's originally from oliver twist's musical show in london (oliver was played by same boy who played draco malfoy in harry potter movies..what is his name?). i was small at that time when i saw the posters for it in london.

i hope i'm losing weight this ramadhan :P too scared to go to the scales yet

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 8:19 PM
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