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Sunday, August 30, 2009
supercell~ the music i like

when ppl ask me "what kind of music do you like?" i'll always replied"anything good to hear". so fake. this usual excuse cannot be implemented anymore. i am clearly into dance n electronica haha. i absolutely detest rock (why would ppl listen to it anyway>don't ppl get ear cancer from hearing rock?). i like cascada, madonna, dj tiesto n the like (just realized i'm very european at heart for music).

come on, in america they're only good at what? hiphop? if i were to spend my days in europe instead i'll be in total musical bliss :P. dance n electronica ppl tend to be creative in their music.

on the other hand, rock. 2 words. IT SUCKS! big time. i always feel like an angry gnome (i always believe gnomes are evil beings) pounding inside my head with a sledge hammer repeatedly. THUM!THUM! why do ppl want to stress themselves out listening to rock i always wonder.

Enough said about my artistic tendecies. what i wanna show you is SUPERCELL! yes it's japanese. again! well they are up n coming so i'm expecting more from them in the future. Who are they? they are actually a bunch of otakus who used to make music n pv using hatsune miku (yes vocaloid again). n now they are making their own music. CONGRATS! well i think they are very talented specially my dear ryo. ryo love :P

surprisingly nobody on the net seen their faces. maybe they're not comfortable with their appearance as otakus always had. ah well as long as they are making music that i like i'm fine with it. so here's a song from their latest album 君の知らない物語. I'm not gonna let you see the official PV for it. it's too weird. enjoy :P

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 2:02 PM
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