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Sunday, September 6, 2009
Iftar bersama survivors!

yes today is the iftar, yeah! and i as the host was late>>lame. talk about being fashionably late (rolled eyes). well nobody called me saying they're having trouble with reservation so i guess all was right. hoho came in feena's new bf's car. wow it reminded me of how boys can really drive fast and recklessly sometimes. and some of them even complained girls drive even faster and crazier than them>>for real?

28 out of 30 seat were filled>>wow i didn't aim for such a high number at first>>lucky for me. everyone thanked me for organizing the iftar>>this part was weird n awkward. cause when i made up my mind to do sth i'll just do it :) the food was well a lot but not necessarily great. for rm35 it was ok.

so what's next? all girls' night party? raya party? bbq? what tak abes abes party party! bile nk buka account survivors ni?

some of the ladies. it was a full house!

table no 2. eh tak la same meja just without me :P

oh the couples meja di mane baez tersesak haha

haha.echah's expression is priceless >< with ira and ct

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 8:18 AM
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