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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things I really really need to do:

1. Lose weight!I've been trying to no avail for 7 years already :(
2. Find a way to buy Final Fantasy XIII. coming out on 9 march. been dreaming abt it every night now.
3. Read more. my knowledge it melting to butter. n harly's book is gathering dust on top of the desk.
4. get a life. there's definitely sth missing.

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 9:26 AM
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Friday, September 11, 2009
Lenka is so cute

just love her song 'the show'. and as sara bareilles's love song has been famous since featured in america's tivo ad ( i think it's tivo dun exactly know wat ad is it), lenka's the show has been featured in old navy's summer commercials. padan la famous bangat. the wonders of america's mass media.

here's the old navy ad>>it's pretty good.too bad i missed it on wisconsin's cable.

and here's the official video clip>>i miss cute video clips :)

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 11:05 PM
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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Some random stuffs

today i registered for niosh's health n safety officer course. it costs me rm4000 damn engineering certification are expensive :( >> i hope it's worth the money. ok put it's a career investment mind you. you did say you want to be a HSE engineer right.

Ahaks well i did mentioned that but i still don't know if it will work. gamble gamble. argh! the questions. and where the hell i'm gonna get a hard hat and constructions boot for it>>ppl! lend me yours if you have extra!

i weight myself today.do i need to ellaborate :(. i'm still 70 kg>>what the heck! there's 9 days left till the end of ramadhan and i still weight freaking 70 kg! and i though i'm atleast a few centimeters slimmer (how did my mind managed to trick me?). man~ i have a long way to go.

it seems that my baby sis have finished her upsr and is practically itching for sth to do. currently she decide to 'balut' all the 'buku cerita' specially the ones that i brought back from the states totaling like 50 :)>> haha good luck membalut then.

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 9:26 PM
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Sunday, September 6, 2009
Iftar bersama survivors!

yes today is the iftar, yeah! and i as the host was late>>lame. talk about being fashionably late (rolled eyes). well nobody called me saying they're having trouble with reservation so i guess all was right. hoho came in feena's new bf's car. wow it reminded me of how boys can really drive fast and recklessly sometimes. and some of them even complained girls drive even faster and crazier than them>>for real?

28 out of 30 seat were filled>>wow i didn't aim for such a high number at first>>lucky for me. everyone thanked me for organizing the iftar>>this part was weird n awkward. cause when i made up my mind to do sth i'll just do it :) the food was well a lot but not necessarily great. for rm35 it was ok.

so what's next? all girls' night party? raya party? bbq? what tak abes abes party party! bile nk buka account survivors ni?

some of the ladies. it was a full house!

table no 2. eh tak la same meja just without me :P

oh the couples meja di mane baez tersesak haha

haha.echah's expression is priceless >< with ira and ct

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 8:18 AM
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
In search of a place only to found out it's not there

well not really that it's not there. it's just not open. who would have guess the office of the Japanese Language Society of Malaysia to open 2.30pm-9.00 pm as normal operating hours :( and i've spend nearly 2 hours going up and down (I mean practically walked the whole length of jalan sultan ismail today>>it's very long>>in search of that particular building).

i swear i can almost memorize all the monorail station there! and i thought i knew where exactly is it from my visual memory after all that monorail riding>>apparently i did not! i decided to WALK fooling myself into thinking that's it's nearby (too naive put).

atlast i stood in front of the closed office's door (after nearly 2 hours of searching!) thinking that what a fool i have been. god i've must have lost 5 kg that evening cause i was sweating buckets.

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 11:10 PM
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Sunday, August 30, 2009
supercell~ the music i like

when ppl ask me "what kind of music do you like?" i'll always replied"anything good to hear". so fake. this usual excuse cannot be implemented anymore. i am clearly into dance n electronica haha. i absolutely detest rock (why would ppl listen to it anyway>don't ppl get ear cancer from hearing rock?). i like cascada, madonna, dj tiesto n the like (just realized i'm very european at heart for music).

come on, in america they're only good at what? hiphop? if i were to spend my days in europe instead i'll be in total musical bliss :P. dance n electronica ppl tend to be creative in their music.

on the other hand, rock. 2 words. IT SUCKS! big time. i always feel like an angry gnome (i always believe gnomes are evil beings) pounding inside my head with a sledge hammer repeatedly. THUM!THUM! why do ppl want to stress themselves out listening to rock i always wonder.

Enough said about my artistic tendecies. what i wanna show you is SUPERCELL! yes it's japanese. again! well they are up n coming so i'm expecting more from them in the future. Who are they? they are actually a bunch of otakus who used to make music n pv using hatsune miku (yes vocaloid again). n now they are making their own music. CONGRATS! well i think they are very talented specially my dear ryo. ryo love :P

surprisingly nobody on the net seen their faces. maybe they're not comfortable with their appearance as otakus always had. ah well as long as they are making music that i like i'm fine with it. so here's a song from their latest album 君の知らない物語. I'm not gonna let you see the official PV for it. it's too weird. enjoy :P

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 2:02 PM
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Saturday, August 29, 2009
iftar with survivors

the day is 7 days away when me n my jolly survivors friends are gonna get together for iftar :P yeay! (mind you survivors (that's what we called ourselves) are sspkl 9802 batch for my american friends who might be reading this). Haven't seen some of the girls since SPM.

are they fatter? more cute? slimmer perphaps? haha who knows. so far no glitch in organizing. it spurned from an innocent suggestion from ira (well the girl herself is not sure coming or not...maklumlah grad student in UTM, Skudai). was surprised at the response that i got. initially i was hoping to get 10 ppl if i'm lucky enough. good job! macam ini lah. but now a lot of ppl is indeed coming surprisingly i feel pressured. is the food gonna be good? do i need to plan something else? ah the questions.

went there to pay the deposit for the reservation on thursday (50 from my sis + 150 from my dad) i wonder why i can't just borrow it all from my dad. went to and fro from Lembah Pantai and Titiwangsa using PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in 2 hours! man i am good :P i am fast hehe

food glorious food! btw do u know where this phrase come from?? it's originally from oliver twist's musical show in london (oliver was played by same boy who played draco malfoy in harry potter movies..what is his name?). i was small at that time when i saw the posters for it in london.

i hope i'm losing weight this ramadhan :P too scared to go to the scales yet

i'm flying away to my prince so goodbye (:(:(:; 8:19 PM
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